"The Heptet set Shakespeare's long-overlooked sonnets to music in a unique and utterly delightful fashion. Theirs is a thoroughly modern Shakespeare, and each sonnet is created as a song with the music matching the emotion of the lyric. On the night this gave the audience folk, blues, tango (a highlight!), bossa nova, ballads, and more. They projected the words behind them so we could all see what was being sung, and they gave brief yet enjoyable - and humorous! - introductions, allowing the audience to enter into the Bard's world of love in all its sweet, bittersweet, and sometimes downright painful (the tango sonnet) aspects. Thoroughly unexpected and refreshing, they perfectly suited the intimate atmosphere of the packed theatre but would equally suit much larger venues. An excellent show, highly recommended."

Fabiola Melegari, Bristol Shakespeare Festival

"A different musical Shakespeare experience...something for everyone - from a complete newcomer to the bard, to a well seasoned fan of his work... This was a highlight of the Fringe Festival not to be missed."


"A full house at the West Street Loft enjoyed the unique and wonderfully entertaining "Shakespeare Heptet" who showed their remarkable gift for making the sonnets not only tuneful but also clear and understandable, to the delight of the audience. Their vibrant, diversely influenced songs brought to life Shakespeare’s delicious, mysterious and thoroughly modern sonnets.​"

Dave Sutton, Shoreham WordFest (Life, Love and Laughter - Exploring the Sonnets)

“Shake me sideways; this was a good show.  The sounds of the Shakespeare Heptet didn’t swamp the subtleties of the sonnets. Renaissance rhythms and rhyme were retained, and a flourish of folk complimented the hypnotic quality of Shakespeare’s verse.  What more could we ask for? Well, we got beautiful folk and blues music... the audience jiggled and swayed in their seats all the way through.”

​****Broadway Baby

"We enjoyed a wonderful performance from The Shakespeare Heptet in the beautiful setting of our ancient 10th century Saxon Church. Fantastic, engaging music which brought the sonnets right off the page, and the brief interludes in between the sonnets were both interesting and entertaining. A splendid evening, with a packed-out audience."

Adrian, Madhurst - Music, Arts and Drama Festival

“The Shakespeare Heptet are a unique and very special group of musicians.  Their contribution to our event at the Tower of London was invaluable, and I cannot recommend them enough.  Beautiful music creating a special atmosphere, and a professional approach to their work.  I do hope we get to work with them again soon”.  

Paul Boyd, Director, Live At The Tower (Tower Of London)

"… this is such a labour of love, with introductions setting the scene and tone for each piece, it cultivates an appreciation for the beauty, humour and style for Shakespeare which has frequently been mislaid among the essay questions. 
A joy to behold."


"Thank you Shakespeare Heptet for such an entertaining evening – it was a delight to listen to your interpretations of the sonnets. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves and left the event with a renewed appreciation for the Bard. Absolutely recommend!"

Jane Blackwell, The Sonnets at Worthing Library